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Effects of breed and progestin source on estrus synchronization and rates of fertility and fecundity in Iranian Sanjabi and Lori ewes.
The does were allocated into three consecutive estrus synchronization treatments: In CIDR1x (n = 15), the females were treated for nine days with a new CIDR vaginal device (Eazi-Breed CIDR[R], InterAg, New Zealand) containing 0.
Progesterone-based estrus synchronization for beef replacement heifers and cows.
Jaeger JR, Whittier JC, Corah LR, Meiske JC, Olson KC, Patterson DJ (1992) Reproductive response of yearling beef heifers to a melengestrol acetate-prostaglandin F2[alfa] estrus synchronization system.
From this research there appears to be no advantage to either estrus synchronization or a high bull-to-cow ratio.
It is concluded that CIDR-based estrus synchronization protocol improves the reproductive efficiency of non-descript cows during the low and peak breeding seasons.
Therefore, the purpose of the current experiment was to conduct the qualitative and quantitative analysis of bacteria from vaginitis associated with the use of different intravaginal implants in ewes subjected to estrus synchronization.
For estrus synchronization, a controlled internal drug release (CIDR) dispenser was inserted (D0; 0800 to 0900 h) for 14 days (D14; 0800 to 0900 h) and a single injection of 125 [micro]g prostaglandin F2[alpha] (PGF2[alpha]) (Estrumate; Intervet International B.
Adaptation of eCG (equine chorionic gonadotrophin) dose for estrus synchronization of dairy goats raised in Northeast Brazil: preliminary results.