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et ux.

(et uhks) n. abbreviation for the Latin words et uxor meaning "and wife." It is usually found in deeds, tax assessment rolls and other documents in the form "John Alden et ux," to show that the wife as well as the husband own property. The connotation that somehow the wife is merely an adjunct to her husband, as well as the modern concepts of joint tenancy, tenancy in common, community property where applicable, and equal rights of the sexes have combined to make the expression a chauvinistic anachronism.

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Notum sit omnibus ominibus, tam presentibus quam futuris, ex me Diego / Gonzaluid et uxor mea dona Marina facimus carta de nostra ereditate de Matela, que est inter Castra Noua e Mirandela, a Pedro Palaiz de Arenales et uxor sua, Tereisa Nunid, propter XXti morabotinos en auro uel in nunmos.
47) Comes Piniolus et uxor eius comitissa Ildoncia comparaverunt de Auria Pinioliz medietatem de Veiga de Meredo et iacet inter duo flumina Puronia et Suarano, iusta illud castrum de Suarone in era Ma.