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When Anthony Minghella directed the 1999 Oscar-nominated, The Talented Mr Ripley, featuring the late Phillip Seymour-Hoffman plus Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett and Jude Law, the A-List cast filmed in The Eternal City at Piazza Navona.
But life in the Eternal City and the UK's Second City is only ranked joint 52nd on the list.
The Irish slumped to a shock defeat in the eternal city two years ago and Kiss (below) said: "It's going to be massive.
Escorted visits to Eternal City Rome, hill-top gems Siena and San Gimignano and Florence, breathtaking 'Cradle of the Renaissance' ?
Jet2holidays has three nights in the Eternal City on offer, staying at the four star Grand Hotel Fleming, room only, for PS139 per person, based on two sharing.
While in the Eternal City, they visit the Keats museum and a top restaurant.
The history begins with the origins of the station church pilgrimage in the early days of Roman Christianity, with chapters moving to modern times and considering study in the Eternal City and insights on the pilgrimage of Lent.
According to the Mirror, Ferguson revealed in his book that the reason behind the 2009 Rome defeat by Barcelona was because of their hotel in the Eternal City.
Rome re-imagined; twelfth-century Jews, Christians and Muslims encounter the Eternal City.
Woody Allen delivers a beautiful homage to the eternal city in this film boasting a stellar ensemble cast, writes Chris Benellie Ladera.
Woody Allen's latest film finds him and an all-star cast in Rome, the Eternal City, where he weaves together an anthology of intersecting stories that find foreigners and locals alike undergoing life-changing experiences and realizations in Italy's beautiful capital city.
Enjoy a fascinating discovery of the eternal city of Rome, the stunning sights of Sorrento and the hidden treasures of Pompeii Highlights.