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To my mind, ethical practices and good governance can possibly add as much to the Indian economy as GST could," said Goyal.
But there a more to CEBA than the accolades it doles out Under the leadership of Board Chairman Doug McLemore and Executive Director Peter Feather, the organization is hard at work to bring the message of high ethical practices to wider audiences.
What ethical framework can be collaboratively constructed by the Ontario teaching profession and the public to guide the ethical practices of the Ontario teaching profession?
HE Jawaan Awaidha Suhail Al Khaili, Chairman of ADIB said, "ADIB is committed to develop Islamic finance in the region and a large part of what we do is based on following best ethical practices.
The source of ethical practice is grounded in all major religions--the "thou shalts" and the "thou shalt nots"--and codified in most legal codes.
Commented IREM national president Pamela Monroe CPM, pictured with Herrington, "You do not just become a member of IREM; but rather you earn the designation by a combination of work experience, ethical practices & successfully completing a rigorous series of educational courses.
There's a renewed interest in making sure that ethical practices permeate the institution, down to every level.
More subtle approaches allow researchers to become involved with local stakeholders, move beyond conflict over who owns the past, maintain principles of scientific inquiry, and change the discipline's ethical practices.
But respect for the law, and the ability to use it to protect assets (like brands) and build ethical practices into company policies, can keep an otherwise well-managed firm from being successfully attacked or going down the wrong road.
Recently, CW has dedicated quite a bit of space to the topic of ethics in corporate communication, including commentary about ethical practices and related research.
Prassas also zeroed in on the importance of ethical practices, recognizing the Chilean organization's initiative to adopt a code of ethics.
The MTNA Code of Ethics, therefore, is a compendium of principles of ethical practices for the professional music teacher.