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It is eminently reasonable to base an ethical system on the real needs of people in the here and now, as opposed to relying on absolutist mores formulated by agrarian-based societies which claimed to receive knowledge from supernatural sources.
The presenter applied the utilitarian ethical system to the current controversy over illegal music downloading.
1979:9-10) However, if decision makers rely on their own personal ethical standard, then which of the many different ethical systems should be used?
With no appropriate personal relationships, the Chinese would view the USA as outside their ethical system, and feel little compunction about stealing technology.
In 1922, Joseph Klausner of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem declared of Jesus: "His moral teaching is sublime, more defined and original in its form than any other Hebrew ethical system.
It's also an ethical system that calls on us to treat others with respect, even when we disagree with them.
The ethical system of humanism prioritizes these ideals at a higher level than any belief system that precedes it, since it values the life of every person in this world alone.
He's not claiming that a professional doesn't or can't have role-specific duties, but that these can only be grounded in a wider ethical system.
He does not simply use biblical proof-texts to defend Aristotelian propositions, but offers critical engagement with an ancient ethical system in order to cultivate virtue in his own context.
Of course, many Austrians view Austrian economics as a body of analytical thought, not an ethical system, and believe that there is no "Austrian" ethical position.
It is at the center of the ethical system envisioned by Solle.
It is, rather, an "investigation of neglected possibilities" which tries to show the viability of stoicism as an ethical system (p.