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Sensing Identity: Olfactory Ethnic Classification in West Kalimantan
He spent a great deal of time there--on vacation and in a professional capacity--and in the previous year informed me in a letter of 14 March 1975 that he had spent time in February-March at the Centre de Documentation et des Recherches sur l'Asie du Sud-est et le Monde Insulindien (CDRASEMI) where he gave a lecture on "Problemes de Classification Ethnique en Indonesie" in which he said he was "quite critical towards attempts to draw up ethnic classification schemes on the basis of lexico-statistical lists.
From 1991 through to 2001 New Zealander-type responses were coded as European at level I of the ethnic classification and New Zealand European at level 4, the most detailed listing.
Percent concordance and reliability coefficient ([kappa]) of racial/ ethnic classifications between Department of Veterans Affairs inpatient and outpatient data.
For this reason religion or adet is explained as the reflection of the community's chronological record that would serve as an indicator of ethnic classification.
Finally, when considering family ethnic classifications, there is the challenge of creating "outcome" measures for families that contain more than one adult (or child).
Table 2: Ethnic Classification, 1991 Census Proportion of Population Ethnic Group in Great Britain White 94.
Johnson suggests that the wealth disparity between African Americans and whites compares to the "compelling national interest test" cited in the Supreme Court's Adarand decision where the Court ruled 'a racial or ethnic classification must serve a compelling interest and must be narrowly tailored to serve that interest.
Reflecting the difficulties of defining families rather than individuals by ethnic group, Statistics New Zealand (2004) has already abandoned the ethnic classification of both households and families.
5% of infant deaths were matched with their corresponding birth registration, and 67 infant deaths had their ethnic classification changed from non-Maori to Maori (Pomare and de Boer 1988).
The Project on Fair Representation (POFR) is a not-for-profit legal defense fund program that is designed to support litigation that challenges racial and ethnic classifications and preferences in state and federal courts.

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