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Around 30 in every 1,000 mixed race people were arrested, compared to 16 in every 1,000 Asians and 15 people identifying as other ethnicities out of every 1,000.
In turn, in presenting their political program to win seats and secure access to public resources, political elites relied heavily on their ethnicities.
Dual or multiple ethnicities are particularly common among Maori and Pacific people and, somewhat connected with this, among young people.
For example, though Gwendolyn Midlo Hall contributes a valuable section on African ethnicities to the introductory material, African peoples garner little attention in the body of the work.
A defensive and largely white "industry" of publishers, editors, critics, and reviewers often seems unwilling or unable to see that children of all ethnicities deserve literature of artistic merit presented authentically - or well-told stories.
s book and music stores are organized by regions, ethnicities and countries.
The wider paper examines 2006 data for ethnic groups as categorised by the Ministry of Education at the broadest level--European/Pakeha, Maori, Pasifika, Asian and Other--as well as specific Pacific and Asian ethnicities where data are available.
Ethnicities and global multiculture; pants for an octopus.
The results of the mean SILL scores of each ethnicity revealed that the learners' ethnicities seem not to influence their frequency of strategy use.
She analyzes the manner in which Africans from different regions in Africa viewed their distinct ethnicities.
In the context of cultural pluralization produced by migration and by social stratification, ethnicity remains a social marker relative to other ethnicities subordinated to national identities.
Half were black or Hispanic (29% and 22%, respectively); the rest were Asian (16%), white (12%), or of other or mixed ethnicities (22%).