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The Eucharist is the vital center of the universe, able to satisfy our hunger for life and happiness.
The deeper issues deal with the role of ministry and the place of the eucharist in the life of the church.
Cummings introduces thirteen major twentieth-century Anglican theologians and their writings on the eucharist.
Family Christmas Eucharist, Rite II and Christmas program with music by the children's choir.
The Eucharist is the communal remembrance of Jesus' gift of himself for others.
In the earliest years of Christianity, consecrated bread would be brought home from the celebration of the Eucharist to be given to those not able to be present at the liturgy because of illness.
explains his point of departure: Ignatius as a eucharistic man and the meaningful gestalt of the Eucharist (chap.
Mia Anderson will preside at a eucharist, with Rev.
We perhaps are aware of it only rarely, but on thinking about it we realize the important part that our bodies play in our observance of the Eucharist and of the other Sacraments.
VanderWilt's basic thesis is that the nature of the eucharist and the nature of the church are inextricably linked, so much so that each can be said paradoxically to give birth to the other: "The church makes the eucharist and the eucharist makes the church" (p.
For Steinberg, there is a sacramental component, a devotional aspect; Leonardo's painting also incorporates the Institution of the Eucharist.