European Economic Community

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European Economic Community (EEC)

the third of the three foundation organizations of what is now the EUROPEAN UNION. Constituted by one of the Rome Treaties of March 1957, this community drove progress towards European integration. Its ‘common market’ was the source of attraction to Europe for the UK.
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94 of 29 January 2001, for approval of accounting regulations harmonized with Directive IV of the European Economic Community and the International Accounting Standards, published in the "Official Gazette" of Romania no.
On May 1, ten countries--the largest group to join the European Union (EU) since the six-member European Economic Community was created in 1957--officially came on board to form an economic and trading coalition of 25 member countries.
What was then the European Economic Community (EEC) claimed DISC rules violated trade agreements between the United States and European countries.
If the EU approves the proposal it will also apply in Norway because the country is part of the European Economic Community.
The Telegraph cites one memo dated June 11, 1965 that instructed the vice-president of the European Economic Community "to pursue monetary union by stealth" and to limit debate until "adoption of such proposals would become virtually inescapable.
The last barrier to come down will be in Europe, where the European Economic Community has latched onto the lies spread by Greenpeace about genetically enhanced food which is keeping American products out of their countries for competitive reasons.
The European Economic Community has formally agreed to open membership negotiations with the United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland and Norway who submitted their applications in 1967.
And meanwhile, no one seems to know how the new Eurodollar will be accepted in the European Economic Community or the effect it may have on international trade with (and within) EC member countries.
All but three minority languages - East Frisian, Sardinian and Romani - are taught in primary education in the European Economic Community, and none is forbidden by law in the European Economic Community.
In Europe, the German central bank now runs the fiscal policy for all members of the European Economic Community.
The European Economic Community has had a large impact on supply chains in Europe, due to the harmonization of standards and the removal of trade barriers.
North American foundries are realizing that if they intend to do business worldwide--and with European Economic Community (EEC) counries--an accepted international quality standard is one of the key issues.

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