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The final chapter is about experiments for evaluation research and perhaps addresses to some extent my earlier comment about lack of a chapter on evaluation research.
Talks with the Defence and Evaluation Research Agency had already been held and he expected its full co-operation in the investigation, which he suggested would be "quite lengthy".
The lack of efforts to study context, recommended by some authorities on evaluation research design (National Science Foundation, 1997; Patton, 1990), were particularly problematic because of potential confounding variables that were not addressed methodologically in the Hutchinson study.
However, evaluation research considers the interactions of complex phenomena--including people--and reaches conclusions through chains of inferences supported by data rather than direct measurement.
2 Guiding soil remediation work in phase descriptive soil till final evaluation research for files spread across the provinces of Antwerp, Limburg and Vlaams-Brabant based on limited historical research and / or already available soil investigations;3 Conducting the necessary consultations with various parties.
Arranged in alphabetical order, concepts include ethnomethodology, hermeneutics, interview/focus groups, narrative, phenomenology, repertory grid, survey, symbolic interactionism, case study, content and document analysis, action research, the Delphi Method, evaluation research, grounded theory, visual methods, feminism, and postmodernism.
His research interests are in situation specificity, teacher- student-interaction, and evaluation research.
The video-teleconference HRD classroom: Effective practice through quantitative and qualitative evaluation research.
Although the purposes of the research vary with the technology, the broad objectives of the technology evaluation research are to: 1.
Antisocial behavior and crime; contributions of development and evaluation research to prevention and intervention.
A discussion of evaluation research designs and social science research methods is beyond the scope of this article.
The final integrating chapter notes key problems, and offers directions for future development in evaluation research and practice.

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