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Hunting of evaporators controlled by a thermostatic expansion valve.
Colmac Coil Manufacturing has supplied evaporators, aircooled condensers, and custom coils to the industrial and commercial refrigeration markets for over 37 years.
Water- and air-cooled portable chillers up to 15 tons offer microprocessor-based PID controls, Copeland scroll compressors, stainless-steel evaporators, modulation hot-gas bypass, large reservoir and stainless-steel pump, and fully insulated process and refrigeration circuit.
A Study of Evaporator Scaling: An Evaluation of Thermal Deactivation," Project 3234, Report 4, The Institute of Paper Chemistry, Atlanta, GA, November 15, 1977.
If we pushed it, the evaporators could process product up to 75-80% concentration, but not very efficiently.
Product Overview II-4 Dairy Processing Machinery - Definition II-4 Product Segmentation II-4 PH (Pasteurizers and Homogenizers) II-4 Types of Pasteurization II-4 Batch Pasteurization II-4 DT Platinum Pasteurizers II-4 DT Series II-4 HTST Pasteurization II-5 RO (Reverse Osmosis) II-5 UF (Ultra Filtration) II-5 MF (Micro Filtration) II-6 RFED (Rising Film Evaporators and Dehydrators) II-6 SSHE (Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger) II-6 CCE (Crystallizers and Churning Equipment) II-6 CFL (Complete Flow Lines) II-6
Procurement of High Vacuum Evaporator and an Ultra High Vacuum Evaporator facilities the clean room at the Campus of IST Austria.
The N-EVAP is able to process samples of different sizes at the same time which evaporators designed for batch processing simply cannot do.
The evaporators operate with pumped circulation ammonia via a surge drum and open flash economiser vessel.
The ministry said corrosion of the evaporators could cause leaks of gas and lubricating oil, degrading the performance of the air conditioners.
The company had moved a 4,891-tonne evaporator on 22 January of this year and while Guinness World Records acknowledged then it was a world record it was only recently that Alistair Richards, managing director of Guinnes World Records, came over to Dammam to personally hand over the citation to the president of Almajdouie Group, Abdullah Almajdouie, and the group's vice president for logistics, SI Mustafa.
In 2010, Almajdouie transported six units of evaporators for Shuwaihat, S2 IWPP project, Abu Dhabi UAE.