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This gets you an event handler macro that will run every time any pivot table on the sheet is updated.
Event Handler: The Event Handler translates the event to a command and then performs the corresponding action.
Notice that an event can trigger zero, one or more event handlers, and that an event handler can change zero, one, or more properties.
For the event handler, your programming in the Block editor will look like the example inset below.
This is the special place that you will write event handler macros for the worksheet.
CVE-2010-1258 - Event Handler Cross-Domain Vulnerability
GroundWork also recently released three new modules for GroundWork Monitor Open Source - WMI plug-ins for monitoring Windows systems, Nagios [R] Service Check Acceptor Forwarding Engine (NSCAFE) to dramatically improve Nagios scalability, and HP OpenView Event Handler to feed Nagios output into an OpenView system.
Software development kit (SDK) - Ektron's second generation Application Programming Interface (API) and new Event Handler simplifies CMS400.