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In her first summary of the Obdorsk dialect, she named the mood latentive ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1995: 126-132); she switched to the term evidential several years later.
Indicative Evidential Active Present -l- + Px -t- + Px Past -s-+ Px -m-+Px Passive Present -l- +-a(j)+ Px -ti Past -s-+-a(j)+ Px -(e)m
Thus, here we see first-person effects, of the kind described by Curnow (2003), namely the taking on of different meanings of indirect evidentials when they refer to first-person events.
Although the small number of tokens is far from conclusive, these examples are at the very least suggestive that dizque may follow the path of other reported evidentials and take on meanings further removed from that of speech.
Direct evidentiality may be further specified into visual, auditory, or other, and indirect evidentiality into inferrential, assumptive, reported, or other; these specifications are usually called evidential values (see e.
The present paper will discuss the Livonian evidential moods and evidential strategies, their forms, functions, and use.
The present article compares the oblique mood (OM) in Bulgarian and Estonian and seeks to find out through which diachronic processes the evidential has evolved or is in the process of evolving into an independent grammatical category.
In both languages the grammatical evidential systems occur in three variants: dialect systems, the system of the prescriptive grammar and the colloquial system.
The Enets material is very scanty and I cannot say anything concerning possible different rules for evidentials depending on the semantic type of the verb used.
But I cannot speculate on the correlations between evidentials and cultural stereotypes in this area though there must exist, I believe, some such correlations.
The South Estonian evidential forms fit in well with the previously discussed framework.
The South Estonian dialects witnessed an extensive and multi-stage historical morphological grammaticalization of the reported evidential.