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But we also know this: FBI agents were actively monitoring at least three "incidents" by Muslim Evil Doers with whom this New Mexico native was in contact:
While I am very much in favour of forgiveness and rehabilitation for all sinners, I do feel that the pendulum has been allowed to swing too far in the wrong direction and that the evil doers get more help, in every way, than their victims.
By using the power of love, he believed all people could convert even the worst evil doer to the right course of action (Ellis and Esler, p.
policy-makers to believe that a known Evil Doer in Iraq was responsible, regardless of the facts.
The foreseeable reaction--shock, grief and outrage--made it easier for them to believe that an infamous Iraqi Evil Doer was to blame.
First he was to be a 'judge' - that is, a man whose task was to 'dispense justice, punish the evil doer and vindicate the righteous.
He complains about people who wish to maintain decent standards in our society and always champions the evil doer.
Strategically, to evoke a war requires a plausible Evil Doer and a credible provocation.