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It covers the waterfront: from self-help psychobabble to bootstrap alternatives to public action, to vague evocations of political mobilization.
Cheney uncovers numerous, heretofore unnoticed evocations of Spenser's poetry in Marlowe's plays and poems to support this thesis and therein situates Marlowe's inveterately subversive stance in reference to contemporaneous constructions of political and religious orthodoxy.
Kevin Ware, Heather Tietsort, and Shannon Mitchell put across her evocations of carnal hunger and betrayal with poise, precision, and great dramatic intensity.
These household histories are among the most telling of the book's evocations of recent Oaxacan life, illustrating clearly the differences in levels of material well-being over time which the authors take to be the basic criterion of social mobility.
The abstraction and the manner in which solid forms are massed, cut and stacked recall Gill's pueblo evocations.
The first room of the gallery contained seven small works created in the same manner, and here too there was a continuation of the play of reference between old and new--modern techniques that seem ancient, quotations of the past and its traditions, and evocations of the present and its contradictions.
During the minuet of the second movement, we felt the anguish of the composer when suddenly the music turned into sentimental melodies with evocations of folk dances.
The resulting images of classical Rome, if fanciful in parts, were nonetheless more comprehensive than earlier evocations, and through their splendor they inspired further scholarly reflection and methodological advances.
But the world has altered, and now these evocations have an old-fashioned resonance.