Ex tempore

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EX TEMPORE. From the time without premeditation.

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But in this centenary year, we ultimately concluded that opening an ex tempore discussion on Mironovs controversial views, especially given his stature and influence, would be of value to the field.
Finally, we also decided to pursue the ex tempore out of a belief that exchanges like this provide a useful moment for taking stock of why we historians approach our subjects in the way that we do.
Parties utilize ex tempore contracting techniques when they draft largely incomplete agreements at contract formation but provide a means for ongoing completion in the course of performance.
Though largely unnoticed, ex tempore contracting is extremely widespread in some industries.
climbed up on the back of a truck parked at this comer and delivered an ex tempore speech that was broadcast on local television and radio.
131) These boards promise a third way of addressing contractual specification, through ex tempore contracting.
Dispute boards exemplify ex tempore contracting because of their distinctive function in determining contractual responsibilities on an ongoing basis.
The band is called Ex Tempore and is led by pianist and composer Andrea Vicari.
Ex Tempore play the Birmingham Jazz/Symphony Hall Rush Hour Blues session from 5.
The perspectives of the four historians in our Ex Tempore discussion of contemporary Russian approaches to history and history education differ noticeably, but there is a good deal of consensus to be found about the nature of the history textbooks in question.
But in this context the discussion of Stalin's Short Course in this issue's Ex Tempore debate is logical, involving less bandying about political epithets ("Stalinism
The Ex Tempore raises questions about the past, present, and future of social history; about the Harvard Interview Project and the history of the field; and about understanding society in the Soviet period in relation to other dimensions of Soviet history.