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Your excellency, we must live somehow," returned the other, smiling impenetrably.
Yes, but your excellency will permit us to take all due precautions.
Will your excellency give your name, or remain incognito?
Oh, I don't say that; your excellency will do as you please; I should be sorry to advise you in the matter.
The wheel shall be built, but, O Our Excellency, if by God's favour the pups grow to be well-smelters, not filth-eaters, not unaccustomed to their names, not lawless, who will do them and me justice at the time of judging the young dogs?
I have unfriends down the river to whom Our Excellency has also entrusted ha-wands to bring up.
For one reason; Farag, the kennel huntsman, in khaki and puttees, would obey nothing under the rank of an Excellency, and the hounds would obey no one but Farag; for another, the best way of estimating crop returns and revenue was by riding straight to hounds; for a third, though Judges down the river issued signed and sealed land-titles to all lawful owners, yet public opinion along the river never held any such title valid till it had been confirmed, according to precedent, by the Governor's hunting crop in the hunting field, above the wilfully neglected earth.
My uncle, who was beaten by the Father of Waterwheels, would approach, O Excellency," he said, "and there are others on the bank.
His Excellency and I know what the subject is that occupies your mind; you have nothing to fear"; then, raising his voice, he added, "neither from Dutocq nor from any one else.
Don't feel uneasy, Rabourdin," said his Excellency, kindly, but making a movement to get away.
Will your Excellency permit me to see you for a moment in private?
Rabourdin saw the look, and tried to imagine its meaning; his attention was diverted for a moment, and his Excellency took advantage of the fact to make his escape.

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