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But this could be done by adding a reaction center, where such processing takes place, to the end of the virus where the excitons end up.
They also related the enhancement in efficiency of their device via annealing to the increased crystallite size of the components in the composite mixture up to a limit of successful exciton dissociation [37], As discussed in the previous section, P3HT crystallites of the order of 13.
Multiple exciton generation is of interests because it can lead to solar cells that generate more electrical current and make them more efficient.
At the Center for Excitonics, Bulovic and colleagues are working to control the propagation of excitons in certain types of solar cells.
This is the first time we observed excitons migrating a few microns," said Podzorov, noting that they measured diffusion lengths from two to eight microns, or millionths of a meter.
Instead, the exciton diffuses to an interface with electron donor and acceptor materials, where it interacts and creates the current.
During the lifetime of an exciton, two major alternative pathways compete with photochemistry to dissipate the energy of Chl excited states, namely fluorescence and heat loss (Butler, 1978).
Project partners, from the USA, China, Belgium, Italy and Denmark, will plot the paths of electrons, holes and excitons moving across polymers, calculating how chemical structure and impurities affect a device's performance.
Besides, previous studies related to the present discussion concerning hydrogenic impurities and excitons in quantum dots have been carried out by our team and others [11, 12, 13].
Foxon, Observation of Magnetic Excitons and Spin Waves in Activation Studies of a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas, Phys.
Two types of excitons are formed: singlets and triplets.