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(pl. executrices) n. Latin for female executor. However, the term executor is now unisex.

EXECUTRIX, A woman who has been appointed by. will to execute such will or testament. See Executor.

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A more explicit clause in the will indicates she also furnished the Cockpit's tiring house with costumes: "my said executrix shall for the said twoe shares prouide and finde for the said Companie, a sufficyent and good stock of apparell fitting for theire vse.
But one person comes to mind more than others today as I'm speaking and that is June Milne, our father's literary executrix, who is now over 90.
Kari, as executrix of William's estate, wrote a letter to DuPont requesting that his pension benefits be distributed to the estate, stating that Liv had waived her interest in the benefits in the divorce decree.
The most vigorous letter-writer was Barbara of Brandenburg, prime executrix of the Gonzaga strategy to enhance their tank by linking their Italian court with noble families of the Holy Roman Empire: Barbara's own marriage had answered this need, as did the marriages of three of her children, including Paula's.
When my dad died in 1989, I was the executrix to his estate.
And I appoint my said dear Sister the Executrix of this my last will & Testament.
In addition to securing the motion picture rights to the book, Rosegarten also negotiated the rights to Joey's life story from his mother and the executrix of Ramone's estate, Charlotte Lesher.
95) In 1951, fearing that his works would never be published after his death, Teilhard--"backed by legal advice from the resident Jesuit canon lawyer"--designated Mademoiselle Jeanne Mortier his literary executrix and willed all rights over his nonscientific writings to her.
Fox Estate, (105) the testator appointed his wife as executrix of his estate and gave her a life interest in seventy-five per cent of the residue.
They will be glad to greet the appearance of Paul Bowles on Music, edited by Timothy Mangan (critic for the Orange County Register) and Irene Herrmann (lecturer in music at the University of California, Santa Cruz and executrix of the Bowles estate).
He received permission from the executrix of the estate to remove the 60-pound concrete slab, then made a short video of his discovery which he sent to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation.