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It is no longer exegetics or hermeneutics but rather an act of mere translation of a holy text into the life, time, and priorities of the community.
But modern exegetics do not accept this authorship.
The positive contributions made by traditional scholarship today have mainly been in the fields of philology and empirical exegetics, which are by nature isolated from modern epistemological changes.
As a priest wielding both generative pen and the pastoral rod (pastoralis virga) of excommunication, Genius unites the spiritual authority of Christian exegetics with the regulatory power of the institutional Church.
instead of musical virtuosity, as if a collection of mind- blowing licks and free-style mating displays - articulative of subterranean power drives, scammed as a quasi-religious exegetics justificative of personal and/or collective superiority or praiseworthy musical inevitability - what I wanted, or wanted to want [again, no goody two-shoes here], is a music-making of sensitivity and inquiry.
By 1979, a total of 272 pastors had completed the correspondence program in dogmatics, exegetics, the Bible, pastoral theology, homiletics, church and ECB history, and the USSR constitution.