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EXEQUATUR, French law. This Latin word was, in the ancient practice, placed at the bottom of a judgment emanating from another tribunal, and was a permission and authority to the officer to execute it within the jurisdiction of the judge who put it below the judgment.
     2. We have something of the same kind in our practice. When a warrant for the arrest of a criminal is issued by a justice of the peace of one county, and he flies into another, a justice of the latter county may endorse the warrant and then the ministerial officer may execute it in such county. This is called backing a warrant.

EXEQUATUR, internat. law. A declaration made by the executive of a government near to which a consul has been nominated and appointed, after such nomination and appointment has been notified, addressed to the people, in which is recited the appointment of the foreign state, and that the executive having approved of the consul as such, commands all the citizens to receive, countenance, and, as there may be occasion, favorably assist the consul in the exercise of his place, giving and allowing him all the privileges, immunities, and advantages, thereto belonging. 3 Chit. Com. Law, 56; 3 Maule & Selw. 290; 5 Pardes. 1445.

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The answer is; "you may not have to start a new court case for divorce, but you need to obtain an exequatur from a Turkish court.
103) Nothing came of the proposed treaty other than another excuse for the foreign office to delay issuing Afong an exequatur until they "ascertained what would be the proposed duties and privileges of Chinese Consuls.
the concession of an exequatur were of a mostly formal nature the
Prin crearea unui titlu executoriu european pentru creantele necontestate s-a urmarit eliminarea procedurii de exequatur in statul membru de executare astfel incat sa se asigure, cu respectarea unor standarde minime impuse prin regulament, libera circulatie a hotararilor judecatoresti, a tranzactiilor judiciare si a actelor autentice in toate statele membre.
Sri Lanka High Commissioner in Pretoria Shehan Ratnavale presented the commission letter and exequatur on behalf of the Ministry to Mr Mehta on 8th November 2012.
The claimants then requested an exequatur (authorization to enforce the judgment abroad) in Italy, hoping to obtain satisfaction through measures of constraint outside their home country.
an award vacated in Switzerland granted exequatur in France).
Director of the Consular Services Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Arslanbek Umetaliyev handed over exequaturs to consuls of Hungary and the Philippines.
After 1965, the small remaining American consular staff continued to operate under authority of exequaturs issued by Queen Elizabeth II.