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Hemodialysis nurses at the bedside are the key individuals to routinely assess CVC exit sites and determine whether the exit site requires further interventions.
Exit-site classification methodology first introduced in 1966 (Twardowski & Prowant, 1996) is the basis for the Exit Site Infection (ESI) Scoring System (Piraino et al.
exit site and PAC hub swabs) as previous authors have done (17) we reported culture of these specimens as "no growth", "scanty" growth (1+ or 2+), "moderate" growth (3+) or "abundant" growth (4+), according to routine laboratory practice.
Correct placement of FES-IM pin connector on subject's thigh to maintain FES-IM lead wire exit site skin integrity.
Obese patients may heal poorly and be at higher risk for leaks and/or exit site infections.
Nine days after the accident, at the Frankfurt Airport, Germany, the patient found a larva (Figure, part B) and an exit site wound (Figure, part A) under the bandage.
Clearly, this could cause trauma to her exit site and/or become disconnected and require a dose of antibiotics for a "wet contamination.
In addition, a rotating tunneling "bullet" was added to ease implantation and facilitate tunneling of the driveline through the exit site on the patients.
The LockIt Plus(TM) device consists of a large adhesive pad with an easy-to-peel backing that makes application easy and ensures adherence to the skin, and a transparent locking mechanism that allows clinicians to view the catheter exit site.
Most clients decided not to swim in response to the conventional teaching that swimming posed a risk of infection at the exit site or peritonitis, with removal of the peritoneal dialysis (PD) catheter as a possible outcome.
This, combined with aggressive exit site care and the use of an exit site binder, have had a significant impact on reducing the infection rate," he noted.
The innovative Arrow Simplicity utilizes a unique color-coded guidewire that facilitates optimal catheter tip and exit site position, and defines necessary catheter length prior to catheter insertion.