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More broadly, this collection underscores that although experimental research has much to add to the study of development policy and foreign aid more specifically, there are also clear limits to what can be learned from experimental approaches and that multiple methods are necessary.
A comprehensive experimental research made it possible to determine the suitability of geotextiles for performing the function of separation during construction and operation of roads and streets.
All metals used in experimental research are applied to produce road metallic elements such as bridges, crash barriers, road signs and some parts of the car body.
Experimental research is needed to more clearly address whether decreasing order of difficulty is important for problem-based learning using this application.
Basic theoretical and experimental research by several scientists, including Albert Einstein, led physicists to recognize subatomic torque roughly a century ago, notes Mark Covington of Seagate Research in Pittsburgh.
While some of the material on charter schools and vouchers will be familiar, it's convenient to have these multifaceted offerings, which include everything from experimental research to first-person accounts, between two covers.
This month's column explores why researchers and NCLB express enthusiasm for experimental research designs, why schools may hesitate to participate, and possible win-win solutions.
Alcoholics Anonymous and treatment for alcoholism work best if started at the same time, according to a study published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.
A study in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research found when light smokers drank four alcoholic drinks, rather than two, they wanted to smoke, while smokers given placebo drinks without alcohol or less than four alcoholic drinks did not.
Source: Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, October 2005.
According to a study recently published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, consumers of malt liquor beer are more likely than other beer drinkers to be "homeless, unemployed, receive public assistance.

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