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Wyzowl is now considered to be one of the market leaders for explainer videos and, to build on its success, it has this year launched its content marketing service, in which it now creates infographics, e-books, blog posts and manages social media for clients.
Most successful among the collection's philosophy essays is that of Professor Urbas: "Being is the Great Explainer.
Dear Explainer, Last week, the main news item shuttled around from computer to computer and mouth to mouth was the statistic that, in America, more than half of women are now living without men.
Partly this was because of Hoyle himself; his role as prominent science explainer was similar to that later played by the astronomer Carl Sagan.
But the celebrations from 10pm to 4am at the Hudawi Centre, with entertainment from soca artist The Explainer and special guests.
Most of you know John Allen as a brilliant explainer of the sometimes confusing and inaccessible world of the Vatican.
This is not the case at all, however: Totton, the explainer, genuinely struggles with the elusiveness of his subject matter and the inadequacy of words to explicate it.
Two weeks later I had written my first Lorde-inspired essay, a strident piece called "On the Detriments of Educating Our Oppressors and Not Ourselves," which summed up my experiences on campus as a tireless explainer of all things racist and sexist to people who may or may not have given a damn.
The Times itself has its 14,000 word explainer that could be bound into a book.
Metcalf writes lucidly and with a light touch and is a first-rate explainer (possibly due to many years of teaching at MacMurray College in Illinois).
The columnist-economist (as strange a hyphenated professional existence as, say, an actress-botanist) is such an artful explainer that it doesn't really matter that this book is already past its pull date.
The veteran explainer of all things religious and political--and the complexities that arise at their intersection--attempts to answer the question raised, but left unanswered, by his 1993 bestseller, The Culture of Disbelief: "If religion is to be actively involved in politics, what is the proper form of that involvement?