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In a daring operation, about 50 armed rebels attacked the court in Lakhisarai, about 165 kms from Patna, exploding bombs and opening fire.
The plot involved exploding bombs in cars parked outside the center and the nearby Riverdale Temple in the Bronx, King told CNN.
The Navy's offshore testing includes exploding bombs underwater, firing missiles and 5-inch naval guns, and doing high-intensity sonar testing.
The government of the day rightly insisted that the London Palladium remained open for round the clock burlesque and reviews, albeit interrupted at times by the sound of air raid sirens and exploding bombs.
At the beginning of Khazaal's trial on August 13, prosecutor Peter Neil told the jurors that the book promoted terrorist acts including exploding bombs, shooting down planes and assassinations.
A direct inspiration for Osama Bin Ladin and Al Qaida, they believed in promoting their cause by exploding bombs and spilling blood.
HERE we go again, the incessant sound of the exploding bombs, ie the firework season.
Bullet- and fragment-impact tests are performed to check a munition's reaction to small-arms fire and impact from high-speed fragments that may come from sources such as exploding bombs or artillery shells.
At the height of the war between North Vietnam and the US, negotiations were being held between the two in Paris in 1968, even though the Vietcong were exploding bombs in cafes frequented by US Marines in Saigon, then the capital of South Vietnam.
is intended to provide state and local bomb-disposal squads and similar agencies with an extremely rugged, low-cost system for exploding bombs from a safe distance.
Their aesthetic qualities are in stark contrast to their content: exploding bombs during the war in Yugoslavia.
At the time anti-nuclear issues were big because the French were exploding bombs in the South Pacific," he remembers.