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The impact of explosive weapons in Yemen goes far beyond the immediate deaths and injuries recorded by AOAV.
Some 4,500 civilians have reportedly been killed or injured by explosive weapons in Yemen during the first seven months of this year: that is more than in any other country or crisis in the world during the same period.
Their new briefing, Nowhere safe for Yemen's children: the deadly impact of explosive weapons in Yemen, says children are being bombarded daily by intensive airstrikes, shelling and rocket attacks.
Handicap International warned that explosive weapons were being widely used in heavily populated areas in violation of international law, and that unexploded ordnance posed a long-term threat.
He added that the operation also resulted in the seizure of explosive belts and explosive weapons.
We look forward to continuing our relationship with SPAWAR and expanding our presence in the chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive weapons community.
A0s, or "ordies" for short, may be best known for loading explosive weapons on the Navy's most advanced aircraft, but they do much more than that.
HRW believes that military commanders should not, as a matter of policy, order the use of explosive weapons with wide-area effects in populated areas due to the foreseeable harm to civilians," the statement added.
Gwyn Winfield, from the CBRNe World magazine specialised in chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive weapons (http://www.
But more progress is needed, and new frontiers for action have emerged, most notably in Syria and Mali, where the devastating humanitarian impact of the use of explosive weapons in populated areas is growing.
Cluster munitions are explosive weapons that eject smaller submunitions or bomblets when they near their targets.
CHAMP, which renders electronic targets useless, is a non-kinetic alternative to traditional explosive weapons that use the energy of motion to defeat a target.