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Table 24: US Exports of Explosives, Matches and Other Miscellaneous Combustible Preparations (2007) - Percentage Breakdown of Value Exports by Country (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-3
These explosives can blow off your hand, can kill you or blind you.
Marking explosives with tiny, color- coded plastic chips, or taggants, would enable investigators to trace explosives back to the point of sale.
Industry Overview II-1 Market Highlights II-1 Market Trends II-2 Nitrogen Compounds Reign over Global Explosives Market II-2 Rising Ammonium Nitrate Prices Create Concerns II-2 Industry Structure II-3
He was very upset for delay in issuing no objection certificate adding a letter was written to bosses of all of the concerned departments including corps commodore of KP for making sure issuing category III explosive license to major lease holders so as to get rid of black-marketing mafia and make it sure these explosives were solely utilized for the purposes of exploration precious marble deposits in the district, he concluded.
Our program encompasses many different aspects of explosives research, from development of measurement standards for trace explosives detection at airports, to the development and application of new metrology for the direct characterization and identification of these explosives," said Mahoney.
Unlike most trace detectors, it requires no warm-up time, no calibration, and no downtime after detecting explosives.
Risks from explosives is one that is receiving increased emphasis, including enhancing explosives detection through improvements of both the training of screeners and in the technology used to explosives.
Only those with a manufacturing license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives would be able to make the prohibited purchases.
Plastic explosives are difficult to detect because a bomb maker can mold them into concealable or inconspicuous objects.
Technology for incorporating fine detail into surfaces of metal molds and inserts using explosives is being developed by Fraunhofer-Institut fur Chemische-Technologie, a research group in Pfinztal, Germany.
We should never expose personnel to the potential hazards of explosives by utilizing more explosives than needed to get the job done.

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