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22) At the moment when most of her suitors were gathered to glimpse her, "then would I appear on a suddain to them at the window, which would so surprize and amaze them, that they were almost in an extasy of joy, and would gaze so on this new appearing star, that if the eyes had been the instruments of generation, certainly they would have got me with child.
Interestingly, he also wrote favourably of introducing music into gardens ("our soules being drawne as it were out of our bodys"), inviting a type of divine abstraction "greately conducing to extasy & the most heavenly raptures.
Como a droga da moda e a droga sintetica, como o extasy, feito com substancias quimicas que requerem alta tecnologia na manipulacao, ela e muito cara.
o Extasy faz parte de uma busca da juventude por prazer Sobre outras drogas O que determina se uma droga age como cura ou veneno, e a quantidade-ingerida
Integro el grupo Extasy y tiempo despues formo su propia agrupacion, Plan B