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JONES, Quasiconformal mappings and extendability of functions in Sobolev spaces, Acta Math.
Constructivists are not anarchic relativists; they will adjudicate between, say, the adequacy of the theory of evolution and that of "intelligent design," using as criteria each theory's congruence with and connectability to other stable, effective beliefs and its appropriability and extendability (guess which would win
nothing other than the logical principle of identity; but how far this might be extended is well beyond the scope of this paper, though one might reasonably surmise that its extendability would crucially depend upon the premise that logic describes non-linguistic reality accurately.
Williams' SCADA requirements include qualities such as expandability, flexibility, supportability, extendability, enhanced security and audit-ability.
After an extensive selection process, it was clear that Informatica was the best solution for us in terms of speed of development, adaptability to change and extendability.