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The Standing Peer Review Committee is holding biennial meetings, three to four months in advance, to consider the proposals for extension of service.
Detonation coatings allow a 2-50 times extension of service life of parts, replacement of scarce materials, as well as reduction of cost and weight of parts.
Quantity: Extension of service of aircraft engines AI-24VT - 4 pcs.
To him, the whole design was to malign the Registrar by publishing a report about the extension of service granted to him above the Constitution
Inspector Andy Davies paid tribute to his three decades of service:``Terry has been a very dedicated officer whose enthusiasm and commitment is reflected in his continued extension of service beyond the normal retirement age of 55.
The 79-year-old semi-retired publisher said the work is an extension of service that includes leading pro bono groups on trips to assist attorneys and constitutional reformers in Central American nations.
With Communicate Direct's skill in identifying and applying CTI solutions, SoftNet will benefit from an extension of service and sales capabilities," Jellinek added.
Williams said an extension of Cantel's Winnipeg service to Thunder Bay is currently underway and that an extension of service from Sudbury to the Sault is in the planning stages.
Our first project will be to survey all of our US Senators and Congressmen and find out where they stand on a compulsory military draft, mandatory national service, and the 'back door' military draft by forced extension of service beyond enlistment dates.
It may be recalled that recommendations in connection with extension of service tenure in respect of 9 judges were sent to JC and 6 names were recommended by the commission for extension in tenure.
The dial-a-ride service to unincorporated Newbury Park, Ventu Park, Lynn Ranch and Rolling Oaks - an extension of service within the city of Thousand Oaks - now attracts about 275 rides per month.