extenuating circumstances

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Extenuating Circumstances

Facts surrounding the commission of a crime that work to mitigate or lessen it.

Extenuating circumstances render a crime less evil or reprehensible. They do not lower the degree of an offense, although they might reduce the punishment imposed.

Extenuating circumstances might include extraordinary circumstances, which are unusual factors surrounding an event, such as the very young age of a defendant in a murder case.


Mitigating Circumstances.

extenuating circumstances

n. surrounding factors (sometimes called mitigation) which make a crime appear less serious, less aggravated, or without criminal intent, and thus warranting a more lenient punishment or lesser charge (manslaughter rather than murder, for example). (See: mitigating circumstances)

extenuating circumstances

noun alleviating cirrumstances, consideration, exception, extenuation, mitiiating circumstances, mitigation, palliation, palliative cirrumstances, partial excuse, qualification, qualifying reasons, softening circumstances
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Matz said an example of an extenuating circumstance would be a flood or electrical problem.
Unless any representation is made to the contrary, I propose also to quash the decision of the Re-Convenend Examination Board of September 27, 2005 insofar as it relates to the claimant's application for extenuating circumstances.
As a curtain-raiser appetiser this was a major disappointment, but there were a number of extenuating circumstances.
A clearly-worded clause in the code of practice on extenuating circumstances would confirm that students are able to seek academic support from a welfare or personal tutor, ensuring their academic performance will not suffer while they begin their recovery.
There would need to be some FIFA directive because there are extenuating circumstances.
It's extenuating circumstances and whereas he wasn't the one to have the child, it's still a big day for any man, so we've tried to give him a bit of space.
However, library chiefs said the majority of readers borrow responsibly and exceptions are made for extenuating circumstances such as illness.
The agreement signed in 2007 allowed either party to exit the agreement in extenuating circumstances beyond their control, such as UN sanctions, in what is called a force majeure clause.
It is totally inappropriate to claim that the Turkish government tried to find extenuating circumstances for the accused and used expressions in its defense keeping Dink responsible for his killing," he said.
The company added that those with extenuating circumstances may be eligible for a new loan in a shorter time frame.
Even by taking into the account some extenuating circumstances for Branko Crvenkovski, now the duty for clarifying the unjust privatization falls on the shoulders of the present authority.
In its statement, Dorel pointed out the extenuating circumstances of the infant's death.