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I believe in the seven senses--sight, touch, taste, smell, sound, perception and extra-sensory perception," said Mr.
While there are many unexplained mental phenomenon, there's very little evidence that extra-sensory perception (ESP) occurs.
Extra-sensory perception and communication with the spirit world have been at the core of some of the most remarkable movies ever made.
Both girls insist their GCSE grades are simply the result of hours of hard graft and revision, and not some extra-sensory perception or telepathy twins reportedly share.
SOLSKJAER, scorer of United's winner, reveals extra-sensory perception previously reserved for the penalty box.
As a result, research on values, and on religious culture and experience, inexorably led to investigations into altered states of consciousness (ASC) and extra-sensory perception (ESP).
You will have insight and sensitivity and also extra-sensory perception.
His mission: explaining unexplained phenomenon - from extra-sensory perception to moving objects through mind power.
The range of phenomena may easily be cited by any student of the occult: near death experiences, contact with the dead, miraculous healing, possession, apparitions, extra-sensory perception, and ability to leave one's body.
uk * EXTRA-sensory perception will be put to the test at a clairvoyance evening.