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If at the end of the experiment the votes correctly identify at least three targets, the existence of extra-sensory perception would be proved.
The new, reformatted edition includes material on self-monitoring and sensation seeking, self-efficacy and social identity, extra-sensory perception, emotion, knowledge management, investor psychology, trust, virtual teams, leadership, diversity, and bullying, among other topics.
The occasional sensitive patient, who turns out to have extra-sensory perception, will report hazy visual images of vague humanoid figures and medical equipment.
Maybe St Mirren's mascot has extra-sensory perception but he must know something no one else does.
Beaumont is one of the `old school', with traditional values, an eye for the `old-fashioned' jumper and the extra-sensory perception of a stockman to allow inmates all the time they need.
The project team says anything more than 25 per cent correct on the part of the receiver will indicate a degree of extra-sensory perception.
These range from analysis of hair samples for trace metal imbalances, measuring the brain's electrical response to the electrical charge of foods, and even the use of extra-sensory perception to make a diagnosis.
It exposed as subterfuge the notion that the very best poker players have some extra-sensory perception beyond the range of mere mortals like you and I.