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The House approved two articles of impeachment accusing Clinton of lying under oath and obstructing justice to conceal an extramarital affair with former aide Monica Lewinsky.
Beyond Extramarital Affairs," Marina Angelina Cardona, a family therapist has written a book about dealing with the emotional trauma of extramarital affairs.
They also allegedly had extramarital affairs on the road, and had one-night stands or long-term relationships with foreign nationals that were not properly reported, the Post said.
The report said that Madoff, 75, married to the former Ruth Alpern since 1959 and currently serving 150 years imprisonment term, has been accused of extramarital affairs earlier as well.
Speaking to FNA on Monday, Meyssan pointed out that the plot to force the CIA director to resign due to extramarital affairs was carried out just in 3 days.
The film of his life - beset by scandals including allegations of extramarital affairs, explicit text messages to women and the breakdown of his marriage to Simone Callahan - is likely to attract interest from UK channels.
From loving more creatively to identifying problems that often lead to extramarital affairs, this includes new writing delving into the changing emotional needs of couples in a marriage, and is especially recommended for Christian collections with its strong focus on emotional and spiritual unity.
OTiger Woods: The Rise and Fall Channel 4, 10pm Before November 2009, Tiger Woods was best known for hitting the headlines because of his sporting achievements, but all that changed as the golf champion was unwillingly thrust into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons when it emerged he had been involved in multiple extramarital affairs.
LOS ANGELES: Sandra Bullock made her first public appearance since revelations of her husband s extramarital affairs, taking the stage at a Hollywood awards show on Saturday night and comparing her recent life to an "explosion.
The world's best golfer announced this week he would end more than four months of seclusion after revelations of his extramarital affairs by returning to professional competition at the Masters golf tournament in three weeks.
MUMBAI: The alleged extramarital affairs between state's several senior Indian Police Service (IPS) officers of the ranks of director general of police, additional director general of police and inspector general of police, have tarnished the image of once reputed police force of the country.
SURPRISE, surprise, new research reveals that office Christmas parties can be breeding grounds for extramarital affairs.