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132) If certain people are deliberating with many like-minded others, views will not be reinforced, but instead will be shifted to more extreme points.
PEMCO's poll results also show that an equal number of respondents hold extreme points of view, with about one in 10 saying all dogs should be welcome in stores or restaurants, and about the same number saying that no dogs - regardless of their service distinction - should ever be allowed inside a store or restaurant.
This effect is especially pronounced when the sun reaches its extreme points of declination, such as now.
US Dollar: Bearish Sentiment Extreme Points to Further USD Gains Euro May Fall Further If Data Signals Need for Additional ECB Action Yen the Default Counter Currency as Fundamentals Fail British Pound at the Mercy of Risk Appetite as Fundamentals Crumble Swiss Franc Forecast Remains Bearish on SNB Intervention Risks Canadian Dollar May Weaken Further as Trade Conditions Deteriorate Australian Dollar Outlook Hinges Upon Key Trendline Support New Zealand Dollar Threatened with Rate Decision, Risk Trend Reversal
Parallelism deviation limits is considered defined by two lines which are parallel to rotation axis and which contains those extreme points.
The fact that relatively few parents choose the extreme points on the scale could be a reflection that parents can limit or control how much television their children watch.
Plus, the introduction of Extreme Points will accelerate the number and speed at which points can be earned.
He's taken some unfair shots from some extreme points of view without having the ability to defend himself, and it's entirely understandable how an honorable man like the chief could get tired of the abuse.
In order to attain the data presentation functions of the chipping edge's coordinates, of the abrasive tool's coordinates, of the deviations of the chipping edge from a line that passes through its extreme points and in order to display the diagram containing these deviations, the author has drawn up a program in the Visual C++ programming environment.
The contrast at these extreme points is between "all for all" and "all for one.
There is a lot of deep emotion and feelings tied up in the war, and even among their classmates, the boys encounter different and extreme points of view.
It's not exclusive to the political right," DeFazio said, and is engaged in by some politicians and members of the media and bloggers who often take extreme points of view.