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Once these group A strep infections are established and patients are in shock, 30 to 70 percent will die and many will lose extremeties," says Stevens.
Of course, most workers hospitalized overnight were burned extensively, typically on the upper extremeties and either the trunk or head.
12 pm CIMA/SOCAN presents The Wilderness of Manitoba Art of Fresh Ghettosocks, Timbuktu, Muneshine & the Extremeties w/ guests (Droppin Science)
deCODE genetics today announced that it has begun enrolling subjects in a Phase I clinical trial for DG041, the company's developmental compound for the treatment of atherosclerosis of the extremeties, commonly known as peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD).
for the treatment of intermittent claudication, a symptom of peripheral arterial disease that causes poor circulation and pain in the lower extremeties.
In addition, QUAKE II Net Pack #1: Extremeties includes a limited edition QUAKE III Arena poster that features exclusive screen shots from the highly anticipated action-packed adventure.
The Extremeties game pack will showcase unique mods developed by dedicated and talented fans within the QUAKE/QUAKE II on-line gaming community," said CEO of id Software, Todd Hollenshead.