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The Lovell Mingotts' dinner, patched up in extremis out of all sorts of social odds and ends, ought to have taught her the narrowness of her escape; but either she had been all along unaware of having skirted disaster, or else she had lost sight of it in the triumph of the van der Luyden evening.
La Tunisie, emmenee par son numero 1, Malek Jaziri, classe 110eme joueur mondial au classement ATP, s'est inclinee in extremis dans le dernier match, offrant tout de meme une prestation sportive de haut niveau aux spectateurs presents, amateurs de performances tennistiques.
rie, reversals and Revirements: the mother in extremis, the paraphenomena of Revirements, the laugh of the mother: traces of humor in HA?
They expressed their regret that the Swedish government keeps a neutral stance towards what is going on in Syria as the extremis thinking is spreading in Europe in an accelerated manner.
Both leaders stressed the necessity of enhancing joint action between the two countries to combat extremis and safeguard regional security and stability.
The two nations further called for "responsible governments willing to commit to peace" to join upon their efforts against violent extremis.
In statements to Petra, JICA president said that Jordan is playing a key role in a volatile region, not only in helping refugees, but also in fighting terrorism and extremis.
But it turns out the show is yet another domestic drama about the all-American nuclear family in extremis, this one trying hard to distinguish itself from other domestic dramas about the all-American nuclear family in extremis by stylistically swerving from realism to surrealism.
Everywhere I go in Afghanistan, I find genius and cowardice, courage and foolishness, people from Khas Uruzgan, Seoul, Skokie, and Dallas all living together in extremis, testing themselves against the great magnet.
The home team is headed by the Frankie Dettori-ridden Canndal, while Harry Bentley, last year's champion jockey in Qatar, partners Extremis.
Deux ans apres la conference de Bali, ou les ministres avaient reussi a se mettre d'accord in extremis sur un accord douanier, les ministres se retrouvent a nouveau avec le dossier de l'agenda du cycle de Doha dans l'impasse depuis 14 ans.
In a speech following the Charlie Hebdo shooting, Cameron pondered whether "we want to allow a means of communication between two people which even in extremis with a signed warrant from the home secretary personally that we cannot read?