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The data show that tiliroside induces apoptosis only through extrinsic pathways (death receptor), marked by an increased expression of Caspases 8 and 9.
1) The extrinsic pathway mediated by death receptors, (2) the intrinsic pathway centered on mitochondria, and (3) the perforin pathway induced by granzyme B.
5) The cascade model, introduced in 1964, in which the intrinsic and extrinsic pathways merge into a common pathway, (6) remains a valuable diagnostic tool for assessing in vitro hemostasis and still forms the basis of laboratory evaluation of coagulation in individuals at risk for bleeding.
In this paper, we describe the extrinsic pathway which are activated by death receptors like the tumour necrosis factor receptor (Fas receptor -APO-1 or CD95) that belongs to TNF receptor super family [8].
The anticoagulant effect in heparinized blood and plasma resulting from interactions with extrinsic pathway inhibitor.
One approach has aimed to block initial triggering of the extrinsic pathway by preventing cellular synthesis of Fas or FasL or by administering an inhibitor of Fas-FasL binding.
Although coagulation is classically divided into an "intrinsic" pathway or an "extrinsic" pathway, there are interactions between the pathways, and it is likely that most hemostatic events are initiated by the extrinsic pathway (Furie & Furie, 1992).
Activation of the extrinsic pathway occurs when blood contacts an injured blood vessel.
Activation of the extrinsic pathway occurs as FVII is activated when massive amounts of tissue factor are released during tissue necrosis and organ failure.
The extrinsic pathway is initiated by tissue damage and is primarily responsible for the desired clotting that occurs at the site of injury, limiting blood loss.