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Internal Eye Ball near-infrared LEDs illuminate dark environments.
Once deployed, the Eye Ball captures and transmits real-time audio and video to the Eye Bali's Personal Display Unit (PDU).
Law enforcement officers can roll, toss or drop the ruggedized Eye Ball into virtually any hazardous situation--providing the immediate visibility required for users to make safe, intelligent decisions in dangerous environments," Remington officials said.
But, before long, things begin to look up when they meet a couple of promising if spotty girls (Laura Fraser and Tabitha Wady), and hook up with local DJ superstar Eye Ball Paul (Rhys Ifans).
OPTOMETRY UNDERGRADUATES raised more than 450 [pounds sterling] for a trio of charities during their annual celebratory Eye Ball (pictured).
However, NZC has no such concerns, and its head of operations, Lindsay Crocker, confirmed Sky TV would continue to use Hot Spot to check for ball on bat, as well as Virtual Eye ball tracking for decision reviews, the report said.
The pressure and velocity was such that it felt like my eye balls were going to burst out of my head All over my eyelids were spots of blood caused by minor internal bleeding.
Every time I buy petrol there's usually someone in front of me filling up with petrol and paying by card - probaby while they are in debt up to their eye balls.
She has to undergo stomach-churning horrors like drinking a puree of blood and eye balls, and choosing between shooting her pet dog or herself.
The Hallowe'en menu includes Goulish Gruel & eye balls (beef stew served with dumplings) or Bubbling Maggots bake (macaroni cheese).
Melbourne, June 25 (ANI): A New York web designer for fashion house Gucci made the eye balls roll when he revealed that he has developed a nuclear reactor in a Brooklyn warehouse.
99 for a pack of 12) or Mini Monsters Eye Balls (pounds 1.