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The Opticare range of eye drop dispensers can solve many of the problems associated with instilling eye drops.
The company's SSP Technology(TM) allows for increased solubility of active pharmaceutical ingredients, creating small, uniform particle sizes which enable functionality as an injectable or use as a topical eye drop.
Addressing the reasons why, he added: "Firstly, it is a useful app which we are proud of and would like everyone who needs to take eye drops to be able to take advantage of it.
Results of an investigator-initiated evaluation of the company's Pred-Moxi and Tri-Moxi topical eye drops for patients following LASIK surgery expected to be announced by end of January 2015
Patients in the National Eye Institute - sponsored study being conducted at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland are receiving OT-551 eye drops three times per day for 24 months.
Rohto premieres as the number one eye drop in market share globally.
The eye drops won the runner up prize in the prestigious Natural Pharmacy Business Awards for best new product.
SPECTRUM THEA Pharmaceuticals has launched a new three-day treatment for conjunctivitis, Azyter 15 mg/g Azithromycin eye drops solution in a single-dose container.
Squalamine eye drops have the potential to significantly advance the treatment of wet-AMD through a unique mechanism of action which may provide distinct or additional benefits to the anti-VEGF agents currently used to treat these patients," stated Dr.
The Company's eye drop for treating wet-AMD would potentially offer patients a convenient, self-administered, treatment alternative or adjunct to currently used intravitreal injections directly into the eye.
What is the expected time period for half of an antibiotic eye drop to be washed from the ocular surface?
today announced the enrollment of the first patient in a Phase II clinical trial of Othera's topical eye drop OT-551 in patients with Geographic Atrophy (GA), an advanced form of dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).