Eye injury and lawsuit

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Country: United States of America
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I'm 18 years old and I currently live in Fl. When I was 18 months old and lived in NJ I had an accident and my left eye was severely cut. I only know so much because I decided to do this on a whim but, though imp not sure, I lost my eye sight in that eye after the stitches in my eye were done improperly and I got an infection. My life has been greatly affected by it as you can imagine. My eye looks very bad and is much smaller than the other because of the accident which until I reached 7th grade just had to deal with. 7th grade is around the time I went to get my first prosthetic. But to get to the point, I recently found out from my mother that I could take legal action against whoever is responsible for my predicament. I would like to know how I could come to take this action.... cause I honestly have no idea how to even start. What kind of lawyer to do I contact? How do I get the necessary paper work that could explain to me in detail what happened?


It is certainly possible you have a case based on what you say here; you should take a brief description of these events as well as your medical records to a malpractice attorney and see if the attorney thinks you have a claim; often you need to contact several attorneys to find one to take the case; the review of your case and records is often free and then they will normally take the case on a contingency fee basis if they think you can win; you would pay only if they collect for you.