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The facility sustained no major structural damage in the storm but did require some repair and, as with all of Jefferson County, Texas where the eye of the hurricane hit, had been hindered by a lack of electrical power.
We were on the southern edge of the eye of the hurricane - the brooding Cyclops that has threatened the US east coast all week.
But director Grant Gee (who also shot "No Surprises") winds up beautifully detailing the emptiness at the eye of the hurricane of hype.
While the eye of the hurricane came within 35 miles of Company operated platforms, there appears to be no permanent damage to these properties.
The eye of the hurricane was starting to pass over and we knew the worst had gone.
With the vessel unable to move out of the eye of the hurricane, the salvage crew and the lone survivor of the Soviet ship become the target of a seemingly unstoppable alien predator hiding somewhere below decks.
While it may be premature to submit a definitive judgment, the apparent good fortune and the limited loss of life reported so far, may be attributable to the fact that the eye of the hurricane veered sharply West-North-West, just prior to reaching Jamaica.
The eye of the hurricane actually passed over Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, but Grand Cayman received less than tropical storm-strength winds, keeping damage to a minimum.