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Many managers would give their eye teeth to be in your financial position.
I think most of us would give our eye teeth for the nanny, the cleaner and the house husband, not to mention the pounds 60k a year.
Come on Mr Fireman,for many years you have enjoyed something that other night shift workers would give their eye teeth for.
All I can say is that today's bikers are spoiled for choice with some absolutely splendid kit which those of my age would have given our eye teeth for 30 odd years ago.
It is this elixir for which the North-East's regional development agency would no doubt give its eye teeth.
Both have had the sort of storylines many actresses would give their eye teeth for, but do ITV's golden girls have what it takes to beat the likes of EastEnders' Lacey Turner (Stacey) and Matt Littler, aka Max in Hollyoaks?
There will be first-time buyers prepared to give their eye teeth for this home.
And Sir Alex Ferguson would have given his eye teeth to fire it straight between Dida's posts.
The more I read of it the more I have to think that the dockmasters of yesteryear would have given their eye teeth to have had such a scheme in place.
And this is education that parents in really poverty-stricken parts of the world would give their eye teeth for.
And she told Hancock she'd give her eye teeth to appear on Celebrity X Factor.