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EYE-WITNESS. One who saw the act or fact to which he testifies. When an eye- witness testifies, and is a man of intelligence and integrity, much reliance must be placed on his testimony, for he has the means of making known the truth.

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I tell you I was the eye-witness of the nightly sorrow and groanings of the great man, and of that no one can speak but myself.
The advocate submitted the final arguments by showing a video recording of prosecution eye-witness Poonamchand to the magistrate.
The second part examines the ensuing court cases and investigations, focusing on eye-witness testimony.
An eye-witness, who contacted us at the time of the incident, said: "It is towards the Grosvenor Casino end.
Eye-witness reports said the roof of the disused sports centre appeared to have blown off.
Another eye-witness told XPRESS: "I was trembling when I saw the body.
An eye-witness con"rms it was to the top of the wheel arch
A shocked eye-witness said the father, in his late 30s, saw his son and two pals were in danger and dived in to rescue them.
Speaking of the eye-witness evidence he said: "They all told the same story and all said they were buried deep around 10 metres.
Cameras were installed upon an order by a local Hezbollah official under the pretext of monitoring activity in the area ahead of the Ashoura commemorations," one eye-witness said.
In Revolt in Syria: Eye-Witness to the Uprising, Stephen Starr delves deep into the lives of Syrians whose destiny has been shaped by the state for almost 50 years.