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The first was intercepted by a NORAD F-15 Eagle fighter jet at approximately 7:03 pm (2303 GMT).
On January 14, a Mirage aircraft of the French Air force collided with an F-15 aircraft of the Saudi Royal Air Force during a joint maneuver in Tabuk.
First to fight in the Great War, first to fly the F-15 Eagle, the 1st Fighter Wing today is also the first combat outfit to receive the F/A-22 Raptor [see "Air Dominance for Decades," Page.
Smith, a Florida resident, was the first Air Force pilot assigned to test the F-15 Eagle fighter jet and was responsible for much of its early development and testing.
Navy aircrews also fought the Florida Air National Guard's slick F-15s.
military to halt all F-15 flights until a probe into the cause of the accident is completed, and that the F-15 unit be removed from Okinawa.
The F-15 pilots patrolling the skies over US cities since the 11 September terrorist attacks currently have to relay any communications with commercial pilots through air traffic controllers because their radios operate on different frequencies.
Also in 1995, the US Air Force began an evaluation of the BOL dispenser for the F-15 under the US Defense Department's Foreign Comparative Test program.
However, because diverse interests within the Air Force wanted to stamp their particular imprint upon the aircraft, the F-15 emerged as a highly compromised design that stood little chance of gaining approval.
Air Force, in maintaining the fleet of 450 F-15 fighter jets.
Islamabad -- The administration of Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) , a sub department of Federal Ministry of Housing and Works has issued 790 offer letters of plots in sectors F-14, F-15, and Bhara Kahu's extensions to federal secretaries.