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Having taken its lumps from the inspector general, the FAA seems to be getting tougher.
From day one, GTSI and the entire team have had one singular focus: provide the FAA with the most powerful and economic computing solution possible," said Bill Vass, president and COO of Sun Microsystems.
As we previously advised your staff, when land is no longer required for airport purposes, the airport sponsor must dispose of the land at fair- market value,'' wrote FAA chief Marion Blakey.
The OIG also found the list to be inaccurate for 75 percent of the parts tested and suggests that the FAA develop a better way to provide comprehensive information on PMAs to the public.
US FAA issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for LGA traffic last year that it is considering making final this year, but it would have to do so over the strenuous objections of airlines.
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors met in closed session Tuesday to review the proposed deal, but delayed action for a week to get clarification on the FAA letter.
Despite the corrective measures taken in response to the FAA findings, in May the FAA threatened to strip Alaska Airlines of its authority to do heavy maintenance on its aircraft--a move that would have effectively grounded six planes a month out of a fleet of 88, slowly strangling Alaska's ability to fly.
investigations with leading House Aviation Subcommittee members, only to be sandbagged at the subsequent hearing by a senior FAA official who'd obviously been tipped off about the findings so he could prepare an obfuscating response.
6 billion annual budget and 48,000 employees, it is the charge of the FAA to make sure that the system functions efficiently and safely.
Unairworthy" is the classification with which the FAA brands aircraft that are unfit to carry passengers.
Those earlier analyses studied by the FAA considered only domestic routes at midlatitudes, he says.
For more than a decade, the FAA testing program has been mandatory for aircraft technicians directly employed by U.