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An abbreviation for first-in, first-out, a method employed in accounting for the identification and valuation of the inventory of a business.

FIFO assumes that the first goods purchased are the first sold. As a consequence, the items that remain in the inventory at the end of the year are assumed to be those purchased last.



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NRSET confirmed the mobility of the workforce of the resources sector, and found that workers are willing to commute on a FIFO or DIDO basis to avail themselves of employment opportunities.
Subsequently, FIFO miners were asked to list the two best and the two worst things about being a FIFO worker.
One of the sites was set up in 2010 and initially FIFO workers tolerated very poor conditions.
This special edition commences with an overview article by Rainnie, Fitzgerald, Ellem, and Goods on the development of FIFO arrangements in the mining sector.
Like emotion researchers who have used personal diaries (for example, Thomas 2007), we found the forum postings a rich data source for revealing the emotional flows of everyday life, but we acknowledge that these are not definitive accounts of the emotional experiences of FIFO workers or their families.
Ho: There is no significant relationship between perishability of goods and FIFO as a choice of inventory method.
Because it's common to rotate stock by selling the oldest items first, FIFO became so entrenched that it's still widely used even though the old data processing cost factors aren't as binding as they once were.
There are a wealth of reasons for a company to choose FIFO or LIFO to value its inventory and measure its costs.
The percentage method means that the cooperative retires a portion of the total capital credits allocated in one or more years, typically sooner than under the FIFO method.
The HD FIFO solution also provides user-selectable memory organization and can be configured as a x9, x12, x16, x18, x20, x24, x32 or x36 device, providing designers flexibility to choose optimal depth and width.
Adjusted EBITDA represents EBITDA adjusted for (i) FIFO impacts (favorable) unfavorable; (ii) share-based compensation, non-cash; (iii) loss on extinguishment of debt; (iv) major scheduled turnaround expenses; (v) (gain) loss on derivatives, net and (vi) current period settlements on derivative contracts.
The chartered ATR 42 will open up its first FIFO service departing from Jakarta's Halim Airport to Matak Airport in Natuna Island, conducting six return flights per week.