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An abbreviation for first-in, first-out, a method employed in accounting for the identification and valuation of the inventory of a business.

FIFO assumes that the first goods purchased are the first sold. As a consequence, the items that remain in the inventory at the end of the year are assumed to be those purchased last.



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HBA) is a fabless communications semiconductor company providing the industry's most advanced FIFO queuing and traffic management devices used for high capacity broadband networks.
HBA's FIFO queuing devices provide more Intelligent Queuing functions and simplify the complexity at the board level design.
Early schemes included FIFO queuing and routing based on trunk groups, followed by intelligent call routing based on network data such as DNIS and touchtone input, and later database information.
With UMC's full support and wafer guarantee, HBA's will be fully equipped to deliver our new line of products and become the leader in FIFO queuing devices.