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The reduced size and the site-specificity of the Fab fragment provided higher surface density than an intact antibody, indicating improved assay performance.
More available binding sites were found when Fab fragments were immobilized onto a microparticle than when intact mAbs were conjugated because of the smaller size and improved orientation (site-specific conjugation through cysteine residue) of the Fab fragment.
We obtained excellent linear response and a detection range covering more than three orders of magnitude in the miniature Fab fragment immunoassay of free and total PSA when the analyte was detected on a single microparticle.
The signals obtained after subtracting the nonspecific binding from the total binding were used to calculate the affinity of the labeled Fab fragment.
amount of Fab fragment, and kinetics) and initial serum sample tests were done with both tracer Fab fragments labeled with [Eu.
The stabilities of the biotinylated and lanthanide-labeled Fab fragments were studied by storing each Fab fragment (at concentrations between 126 and 243 mg/L) at 4 and 35 [degrees]C for 1 week, 3 weeks, and 3 months before they were used in the assay.
Utilization of recombinant fab fragments in a cTnI immunoassay conducted in spot wells.
From crystallographic data it is known that an IgG antibody (MT 146 000) is arranged in three discrete domains: two Fab fragments and one Fc (30-32).
Administration of Fab fragments has successfully been used to reverse the effects of life-threatening digoxin overdoses for over 20 years.
The dose of Fab fragments should be approximately equimolar to the total body digoxin load, which is determined according to the serum digoxin concentration and/or patient's medical history (6).
The report explains issues and events affecting that industry and market from 2014, including these: -- Improved monoclonal antibodies, Fab fragments, and receptor constructs -- Drug approvals and outlooks -- Acquisitions by big pharmaceutical companies -- R&D pipelines for new therapies - e.