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It was a scarf of strong dead colours, dark red and old gold and purple, probably of Oriental fabrication.
The villagers were worked up into a state of fear bordering on panic, but wise old Mbonga affected to feel considerable skepticism regarding the tale, and attributed the whole fabrication to their fright in the face of some real danger.
The whole thing is, of course, an absolute fabrication, though when he spoke of Nina Alexandrovna he wept
I will stake it all on the fact that your story is an absolute fabrication.
Mere bald fabrication is useless; the veriest tyro can manage that.
He ran over the violent speech the cub reporter had constructed for him, and, though at first he was angered by the fabrication, in the end he tossed the paper aside with a laugh.
Because it is a clumsy fabrication which simply could not be true.