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First presented in London in January 2002, Taboo traces the 1980s transformation of a misfit teenager named George O'Dowd into that international icon of cross-dressing fabulosity, "Boy George.
My life is all excitement, adventure, glamour, fabulosity and an occasional bout of intrigue to keep the tabloids happy.
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95 mini desserts is Houlihan's "Coffee Fabulosity," which offers guests a cup of joe plus sidebar--Disaronno, Baileys, Chambord, Frangelico, Godiva, Kahlua, or Starbucks Liqueur--for an additional $2.
In Black Rock City, however, "bad taste" is not denigrated--even failures can be recycled into future fabulosity.
The Company is the licensee of various brands including Olsenboye and Fabulosity for footwear, handbags and belts, Elizabeth and James and l.
I plan to make JustFabulous the online shopping and styling destination for every woman looking to find her own Fabulosity," says Kimora Lee Simmons.
It's a sensuous, decadent fragrance that will make any woman feel like a goddess and aspire them to live a life of fabulosity.
The ever starstruck mirror of fabulosity appears a pasty apparition literally kissing up to bigshots John Lennon, Liza, a scary Dali, and Philip Johnson.
At first fearful I would be busted as a noninsider, I gingerly looked over my fellow fashion fans as they stuffed their complimentary Absolut Sixth on Seventh clear plastic totes with all the free Evian you could drink, all the free magazines you could stand, Clairol hair-color samples, cute Glamour cookies shaped like cat's-eye glasses, spectator pumps and chapeaux, Tootsie Rolls in teeny beribboned Harper's Bazaar shopping bags, a huge unflattering Dean & Deluca/Vanity Fair T-shirt that I was glad to take anyway, even a darling little bottle of complimentary Absolut Currant vodka in a silver pouch, in case you get a little more fabulosity than you can handle, and a nice Timex indigo watch that my friend already filched.
With spring almost here, now is the perfect time to bring some fabulosity to our children's learning environments and that begins with clean classrooms," said Kimora Lee Simmons.